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MenGrills is a small e-biz company located in Minnesota, a state known for the great outdoors. Our company was born with a mission to make it easy for people to enjoy the outdoors while cooking. Outdoor cooking should be enjoyable, not a chore. Our philosophy is to be one with our customers and share our love for unique methods of cooking.


Cooking can be easy, it doesn’t have to stress you out. Let us help. Less mess is the best. We aim to keep the pressure in the pot, not in the kitchen.

The History of Pressure Cooking...


The first acknowledged attempt at pressure cooking occurred in 1679 when French physicist, Denis Papin, who is most noted for his work with steam power, invented the “ Steam Digester " in an effort to reduce the time needed to cook foods. This airtight cooking vessel used internal steam pressure to increase the boiling point of water, and as a consequence cooked foods faster. 

Over a hundred years after Papin’s discovery, in 1795, the French government offered a reward of 12,000 francs for anyone who could develop a method of preserving food supplies for the French armed forces.... "

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