Frequently Asked Questions

What are the difference between the models SB, NR and M

The difference between the models is just the design as they all work the same. All 3 models have the same gaskets and the same thickness in the walls. Variations: - Model SB is fully painted in black. - Model NR has the same identical shape as the SB model and it's only painted 1/3 at the top. - The bottom part on NR models will get dark after putting in a campfire while cooking, but it is easy to clean with a sponge. Also as NR models are not painted on the bottom there will be no damage to the paint in comparison to the SB model. if you use the " Afghan Pressure Cooker " a lot on the campfire, Model M is similar to Model NR as it is half painted but it has a little different shape. The " Model M " is lower and wider at the Base, which is a more " Heat Efficient Design ". It also allows for Cooking Larger Pieces of Meat over a wider interior Space to Cook: ( As An Example ) i.e.: Whole Chicken ( Horizontally ), Duck / Quail / Rabbit / Small Whole Fish.

How to season Afghan Pressure Cooker  prior to use?

1. Boil 1/2 gallon of water in the pot for 5-7 minutes. Drain the water and rinse thoroughly. 2. Pour 4 oz. vegetable oil into the pot, chop a large onion, attach the lid and fry the contents for 5 minutes. 3. Shake the pot on the ground at a 30 degree angle so that the heated oil is distributed evenly on the walls of the cooker. 4. Drain the oil and remaining onions. Your Afghan Pressure Cooker is now ready for cooking your first meal! ! Rubbing a bit of Cooking Oil to the Rubbber Gasket to keep it from Sticking/Will last Longer.

How can I use Afghan pressure cooker?

Afghan Pressure Cooker can be used in many ways:

  • Like a pot.
  • Without a lid, mixing food with water, on fire or charcoal.
  • As a pan for frying and stewing. Pour oil into the bottom after warming up, with or without a lid, over high heat.
  • Like a pressure cooker. With a tightly screwed lid over medium heat, with the addition of water or in your own juice.
  • In addition, you can combine several methods in one dish. For example, first fry the onions and meat, add spices, add water, toss the vegetables and bring to cook under a lid over low heat.

What is Afhgan pressure cooker?

It's a special cooker, similar to a pressure cooker in principle, greatly decreasing the normal cooking time as in using a regular pot. It is sealed with an airtight lid which allows pressure to build up inside the pot. A seal prevents the steam from escaping, thus requiring less liquid to cook your food, shortening the cooking time without loss of valuable nutrients and flavor.

How to cook in Afghan pressure cooker?

1. Fill your Camping pot with your choice of meat and vegetables 2/3 full, leaving 1/3 of the space remaining in order for it to develop steam when cooking. It is very important to allow 1/3 of the space so that food particles will not clog the exhaust valves. It is not recommended to tighten the locking screw handle to the limit. It is enough to press the lid slightly on it to direct the steam into the special holes and prevent leakage around the perimeter. 2. Place pot on the heat source only after all ingredients have been placed in the pot and the lid has been properly secured. Your heat source can be coals, camp stove, propane stove, charcoal or gas grill, stove top, etc. 3. Cooking time averages between 30-90 minutes, depending upon the recipe and your heat source. 4. Never attempt to use the cook pot without the pressure release valves properly attached to the lid. 5. ALWAYS use the automatic release pressure valves to release the steam and relieve pressure inside the pot. Before you open the lid during cooking and upon completion, you must remove the container from the fire for 1-2 minutes. This can only be performed after the steam has calmed down and will no longer exit the valves. 6. ALWAYS wait until all the steam has been discharged from the pressure release valves before attempting to remove the lid. If you want to open the lid, remove it from the heat source, and wait a few minutes until the steam stops coming out of the drain valves before opening it. 7. MenGrills pressure cookers are equipped with an emergency valve. If the pressure inside the pot becomes too high, the valve will automatically remove excess steam. If the steam gets too much, it is better to raise the emergency valve or allow pressure cooker to cool, reduce heat, then you can continue cooking again. Reduce the fire immediately after boiling. 8. IMPORTANT!! Do not leave intense heat for a long time. It is better to reduce open fire during cooking; you can periodically remove half a minute from charcoal. As soon as the steam begins to escape from the vent, reduce the heating temperature! The steam jet should not be very intense. Then either reduce the heat to a minimum (if cooking on a gas stove) or rearrange the pressure cooker on fine coals (if cooking on a fire). 9. Do not place the Camping pot in cold water as a way to cool it down.Cleaning your MenGrills Camping pot:Wash your Camping pot thoroughly with hot water along with a small amount of dishwashing liquid, and a scratch-free cleaning pad if desired. The only rule is to use a soft cloth or sponge. Valves are also rinsed after each use. Rubbing a bit of Cooking Oil to the Rubbber Gasket to keep it from Sticking/Will last Longer. If, over time, your Camping pot has darkened inside, boil 3 glasses of a water together with the juice of 1-2 lemons in it.

Can I use the Afghan Pressure Cooker on an open Campfire?

Yes. The Afghan Pressure Cooker can be used on an open Wood Fire. The pot is made from a durable, thick " Food Grade Aluminum Alloy " and can be set directly on an open flame or hot coals.

Does the Camp Pot work at high altitude?

Yes, the pot works great at higher altitudes where the boiling point is lower. The pressure raises the boiling point higher than normal cooking methods and prevents undercooking.

Will I be able to stir the food in the pot?

Yes and No, once the lid is sealed and the pot is placed on a heat source, the lid cannot be removed. You can however remove the pot from the heat source and roll the pot around to stir and mix the food. If you’d like to see the pot in action: check out our video. 1:30

Can I convert my favorite conventional recipes for use in a pressure cooker?

Yes. The easiest way to convert a recipe is to find a pressure cooker recipe that is similar. If that is not possible, a good rule of thumb to follow is to decrease the cooking time of your recipe by two thirds. For example, if your ordinary cooking method requires 45 minutes, the pressure cooker cooking time will be approximately 15 minutes. Remember to document your results so you can perfect your timing. Because there is very little evaporation in a pressure cooker, the amount of liquid should also be reduced. Generally, use about 1 cup more than you’ll desire in the finished dish. Remember, however, that there must always be some liquid in the pressure cooker to form the necessary steam.

Can cooking liquids other than water be used in a pressure cooker?

Yes. Wine, beer, bouillon, and fruit or vegetable juices all make excellent cooking liquids in a pressure cooker. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Will flavors blend together if I cook several foods at the same time in the pressure cooker?

Flavors of foods are blended when they are cooked in the same liquid.

Can I use my pressure cooker on all types of ranges?

Yes, our pressure cookers will work on gas, electric coil, campfire and ceramic glass ranges.

What do I do if the food is not completely done after the recommended cooking time?

Simply bring the pressure cooker back up to pressure and cook the food for little longer.

Is it necessary to brown meat and poultry before pressure cooking?

No, however, browning adds a rich, robust flavor to a recipe. It is recommended in many instances to enhance the flavor, but it is not necessary if time is short.

How to choose correct size? How many people can I feed at once?

As a rule, fill your Afghan Pressure Cooker with your choice of meat and/or vegetables 2/3 full, leaving 1/3 of the space remaining in order to develop pressure while cooking. Also, it is very important to allow 1/3 of the space so the food will not clog the exhaust valves. Models: SB/NR

  • 4.9-quart (4.7 liter) – good for 2 people

  • 7.4-quart (7 liter) - good for 3 people

  • 9-quart (8.5 liter) - good for 4-6 people

  • 10-quart (9.5 liter) - good for 5-7 people

  • 12.5-quart (11.8 liter) - good for 6-8 people

  • 15-quart (14.2 liter) - good for 8-10 people
  • 19-quart (18 liter) - good for 10-16 people

Models: M
  • 4.8-quart (4.5 liter) good for 2 people
  • 6.5-quart (6.2 liter) good for 3 people
  • 9 -quart (8.5 liter) good for 4-6 people
  • 11.8-quart (11.2 liter) good for 5-7 people
  • 13.7-quart (13 liter) good for 7-9 people
  • 18.7-quart (17.7 liter) good for 10-16 people

Is Aluminum Cookware Safe?

There are conflicting reports that cooking in aluminum pots and pans is risky because aluminum can leach into the food. Should aluminum cookware be avoided? Lightweight aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, but it’s also highly reactive with acidic foods such as tomatoes, vinegar, and citrus. Cooking these in aluminum can alter the food’s flavor and appearance and leave the pan with a pitted surface. In our tests, we detected an unpleasant metallic taste in tomato sauce and lemon curd cooked in aluminum pots. The amount of aluminum that leaches into food, however, is minimal. In lab tests, tomato sauce that we cooked in an aluminum pot for two hours and then stored in the same pot overnight was found to contain only .0024 milligrams of aluminum per cup. (A single antacid tablet may contain more than 200 milligrams of aluminum.) Our science editor reports that the consensus in the medical community is that using aluminum cookware poses no health threat. https://www.cooksillustrated.com/how_tos/6390-is-aluminum-cookware-safe Fact check: Exposure to aluminum through food does not cause neural issues or cancer. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/06/23/fact-check-aluminum-exposure-through-food-wont-cause-health-issues/3239457001/

Interested in buying Afghan pressure cooker from Canada?

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