15" Handmade Decorative Ceramic serving Uzbek Plate

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1 x 15" Handmade Decorative Ceramic serving Uzbek Plate.

Lyagan is a large ceramic dish used for presenting and eating. This is a large lyagan with a diameter of 38cm (15")
Our plates are covered with glaze and are suitable for any food or drink.

All our items are 100% handmade and unique, so can slightly differ from what you see in the picture.

Making ceramics and tiles is an ancient Uzbekistan tradition. Rishtan is a region in Uzbekistan especially famous for its ceramics and techniques. Land of Rishtan is rich in special blue caolin, from which all these bowls, plates, and pialas are made. The history of Rishtan ceramics goes deep into ancient times. The majority of designs remained intact through centuries.

All our ceramics come directly from Uzbek masters so we can guarantee fair price and original quality.

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